McDonald’s Staff Reveal the Menu Items They Dislike Making the Most

When you’re craving a quick, tasty meal, McDonald’s is often the go-to choice. But have you ever wondered what menu items the employees themselves dread making? With insider insights, we reveal the McDonald’s menu items that employees dislike preparing. From messy sandwiches to time-consuming beverages, these revelations might just make you reconsider your next order.

1. The McRib Sandwich

Despite its popularity among customers, the McRib sandwich is far from a favorite among McDonald’s employees. According to this report, its messiness and the time it takes to assemble make it a dreaded item to prepare. The McRib is notoriously messy due to its saucy nature, leading to extra cleaning and care during preparation.

Moreover, assembling a McRib sandwich isn’t as straightforward as slapping together a Big Mac. The sandwich requires careful placement of the rib-shaped pork patty, onions, pickles, and a generous slathering of BBQ sauce, all of which can slow down the order assembly process.

The McRib’s limited availability often means a surge in orders when it’s reintroduced, further increasing the pressure on staff. Despite the extra effort required, the McRib remains a love-it-or-hate-it item among customers, making its return a significant event in the fast-food calendar.

2. Filet-O-Fish Sandwich

The Filet-O-Fish sandwich, another classic item on the McDonald’s menu, is not a hit among employees either. The main issue with this sandwich is its smell after sitting for just 10 minutes. The fish patty’s odor can quickly become unpleasant if not served fresh, making it a disliked item to handle.

Additionally, the assembly process for the Filet-O-Fish can be a nuisance. The sandwich requires a specific amount of tartar sauce, a half slice of cheese, and the steamed fish patty, all of which need to be layered perfectly to meet the brand’s standards. This meticulous process can slow down the workflow, especially during peak hours.

Despite these challenges, the Filet-O-Fish sandwich continues to be a popular choice among customers, especially during Lent when many Christians abstain from eating meat on Fridays. It’s a prime example of how demand and employee preference don’t always align.

3. Coffee and McCafé Beverages

Coffee lovers might be surprised to hear that coffee and other McCafé drinks are among the least favorite items for McDonald’s employees to prepare. The preparation of these drinks is time-consuming, which slows down order fulfillment.

Preparing a McCafé beverage is more complex than simply pouring a cup of black coffee. It often involves frothing milk, adding flavored syrups, and carefully layering the ingredients to achieve the right taste and presentation. During busy periods, the time taken to prepare these drinks can lead to a backlog of orders.

Furthermore, these beverages often require the use of special equipment that, if not maintained properly, can easily malfunction, leading to further delays. Despite these challenges, McCafé beverages remain a popular choice among customers seeking a more gourmet coffee experience at a fast-food joint.

4. Ice Cream Products

Who doesn’t enjoy a cool, creamy treat from McDonald’s? But behind the scenes, ice cream products are a hassle to make. The machines used to make ice cream are often troublesome and prone to breaking down.

These machines require meticulous cleaning and maintenance to ensure they function properly. If not, they can easily malfunction, disrupting service and leading to disappointed customers. This is particularly problematic during the summer months when demand for ice cream peaks.

Furthermore, making certain ice cream products, like dipped cones, can be messy. The process of dipping a soft-serve cone into a vat of hot fudge or butterscotch without making a mess or causing the ice cream to melt requires skill and practice. Despite these challenges, ice cream products are a staple of the McDonald’s dessert menu, loved by customers worldwide.

5. Happy Meals

Happy Meals might bring joy to children, but they’re not so popular among McDonald’s staff. The complexity of these orders often creates backlogs, especially when ordered by adults.

Preparing a Happy Meal involves more than just assembling a burger or nuggets with fries. It also includes packing the right toy, adding any extra items like apple slices or a Go-Gurt, and ensuring the meal is presented in the iconic Happy Meal box. This complexity increases during promotional periods when specific toys are in high demand.

Moreover, adult orders of Happy Meals often come with modifications, adding to the preparation time. Despite the extra effort required, Happy Meals remain a significant part of the McDonald’s experience, especially for families with children.

6. Breakfast Items Outside of Breakfast Hours

With McDonald’s offering all-day breakfast in many locations, preparing breakfast items outside of traditional hours has become a common gripe among employees. These orders disrupt the normal workflow in the kitchen.

Preparing breakfast items during lunch or dinner hours often requires separate cooking equipment and ingredients, slowing down the overall order process. Additionally, breakfast items like scrambled eggs and hotcakes require different cooking temperatures and times compared to burgers and fries.

This disruption can lead to longer wait times for customers and increased stress for staff. Nevertheless, the demand for all-day breakfast means these challenges are a necessary part of the job for many McDonald’s workers.

7. Custom Orders

Finally, custom orders are a common cause of frustration for McDonald’s employees. Whether it’s a burger with extra condiments, fries without salt, or a coffee with specific modifications, custom orders disrupt the standard workflow and increase preparation time.

Custom orders often require extra attention to detail to ensure they meet the customer’s specifications. They also increase the likelihood of mistakes, which can lead to customer complaints and remade orders, further slowing down service.

Despite the challenges, McDonald’s commitment to customer satisfaction means employees must accommodate these requests. So next time you’re placing a custom order, spare a thought for the person on the other side of the counter.

In conclusion, while McDonald’s continues to be a favorite for its quick service and tasty food, it’s clear that not all menu items are created equal when it comes to preparation. Next time you’re at the Golden Arches, remember that your order might be more complicated to prepare than it seems. Nevertheless, the dedication of McDonald’s employees ensures that every customer leaves satisfied, no matter how complex their order might be.

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