Foods Even McDonald’s Employees Won’t Eat

McDonald’s – a fast-food giant where golden arches symbolize a universal promise of quick, tasty meals. But have you ever pondered what the people behind the counters, the staff who know the menu inside out, steadfastly avoid eating? This article takes a deep dive into the McDonald’s menu items that even their own staff give a wide berth. Prepare to be surprised!

1. The Infamous McRib

The McRib, with its cult-like following, often raises eyebrows among the staff. Despite its popularity, some employees are put off by the McRib’s composition – a restructured pork patty smothered in BBQ sauce. It’s not just the processed nature that’s concerning; it’s the transient presence on the menu that makes it feel less like a staple and more like a gimmick.

Staff’s reluctance also comes from witnessing the preparation process. The McRib arrives frozen and is then thawed and grilled, making it less appealing to those who see it day in and day out. Plus, the heavy slathering of sauce often masks the actual taste of the meat, a fact that doesn’t sit well with some of the more health-conscious crew members.

Furthermore, this menu item’s periodic disappearance and reappearance create a hype that overshadows the actual quality of the product. Staff who have tasted it during its off-season, without the fanfare and the freshly added sauce, report a stark difference in taste and appeal.

2. The Filet-O-Fish

Another item that McDonald’s staff are often wary of is the Filet-O-Fish. While it’s a go-to choice for many during Lent, some employees are put off by the fish patty’s frozen state and the microwave method used for heating. This method of preparation can lead to a soggy sandwich, not exactly the crispy delight that the adverts promise.

Moreover, the Filet-O-Fish garners less demand compared to beef-based burgers. As a result, the fish patties might sit around for a while before being served. This leads to concerns about the freshness of the product, a key factor that turns off employees from opting for this seafood sandwich.

Lastly, the combination of tartar sauce and half a slice of cheese is something that doesn’t always appeal to the taste buds of the employees, especially those who are privy to the assembly process and the time the ingredients spend out of refrigeration.

3. The Salad Options

It might surprise many, but salads at McDonald’s are not always the top choice for health-conscious staff. Despite being marketed as the healthier option, these salads can be high in calories, especially with the addition of creamy dressings and fried proteins like chicken or bacon.

Employees also witness firsthand the preparation and storage of salad ingredients. Concerns arise over the freshness of the vegetables, as they sometimes sit in the fridge for extended periods. This diminishes not only the nutritional value but also the taste and texture of the salads.

Another reason for staff’s reluctance to opt for salads is the cross-contamination risk. In a fast-paced environment where burgers and fries are the mainstay, ensuring a completely clean area for salad prep can be challenging. This raises concerns for those particularly wary about food safety.

4. Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets, a favorite among kids, also find themselves on the ‘no-go’ list for some McDonald’s staff. The primary concern here is about what goes into these nuggets. The blend of chicken and additives used to shape and preserve the nuggets makes them less appealing to employees who are privy to the ingredient list.

Additionally, the method of preparation raises eyebrows. Nuggets are deep-fried and often left in the warming tray for an extended period, leading to concerns about their freshness and nutritional quality.

Also, some staff members have expressed concerns about the homogeneity of the meat used in these nuggets. The idea of mechanically separated chicken, even if it’s not the case with McDonald’s nuggets, can be off-putting for those who prefer more ‘natural’ meat options.

5. Anything with the Ice Cream Machine

The infamous ice cream machine at McDonald’s is a source of humor and frustration, both for customers and staff. Employees often shy away from items like the McFlurry or soft-serve cones. The reason? The notorious unreliability of the ice cream machines, which are often out of service due to maintenance issues.

Besides the operational headaches, there’s also the cleanliness aspect. The complexity of these machines makes them difficult to clean thoroughly and regularly, raising hygiene concerns among staff members who are familiar with the cleaning protocols.

Moreover, when these machines do work, they’re in high demand, leading to concerns about the quality and freshness of the product being served. The consistency of the ice cream can vary significantly, making it less appealing for those who know what it’s supposed to be like at its best.

6. Grilled Chicken

While grilled chicken might seem like a healthier option, it’s not always a staff favorite at McDonald’s. One reason is the marinade used, which can be high in sodium and other preservatives, making it less appealing for those looking for a clean, healthy meal.

Additionally, the way grilled chicken is prepared and stored can be a turn-off. It’s often cooked in bulk and stored in a heated cabinet, leading to concerns about its freshness and potential dryness over time.

The process of reheating the chicken when an order is placed also doesn’t do much for its texture or flavor, according to some employees. This makes the grilled chicken less desirable for those who prioritize taste and quality in their meals.

7. Breakfast Items Post-Breakfast Rush

Breakfast items, though popular, are often avoided by staff outside the morning rush hours. Items like the Egg McMuffin or breakfast burritos may sit around after the breakfast rush, losing their freshness and appeal.

Moreover, the egg used in these breakfast items can be a point of contention. While freshly cooked in the morning, eggs may be microwaved later in the day, affecting their texture and taste, something that staff are all too aware of.

Additionally, the cross-utilization of equipment between breakfast and regular menu items can sometimes affect the quality and flavor of these products, making them less appealing to those who know the ins and outs of the kitchen.

8. Diet Sodas

Interestingly, diet sodas are often bypassed by McDonald’s staff. While the reasons aren’t necessarily related to preparation, it’s more about the artificial sweeteners used. Some employees are wary of these additives, preferring water or regular sodas instead.

There’s also a perception among some staff that diet sodas don’t complement the flavors of McDonald’s food as well as their sugared counterparts. This, combined with personal health choices, leads them to steer clear of these low-calorie options.

Moreover, inconsistencies in the soda machines’ calibration can lead to a variance in taste, something that staff members, who frequently taste-test drinks, are acutely aware of.

9. Limited-Time Offerings

Last but not least, limited-time offerings often fail to tempt McDonald’s staff. These items, brought in to create buzz and draw in customers, are sometimes viewed skeptically by employees. Concerns revolve around the quality of these items, which are often rushed through development and testing to hit the market quickly.

Additionally, the hype surrounding these offerings can lead to high expectations that the products don’t always meet. Employees, familiar with the regular menu’s consistency and quality, often find these temporary items lacking in comparison.

Moreover, the training and adaptation required for these new items can be a hassle for staff, who then prefer to stick with the tried and tested regular menu options.

In conclusion, while McDonald’s offers a vast and varied menu, there are certain items that even their own staff tend to avoid. From health concerns to issues with preparation and freshness, these insights reveal a different side of the fast-food giant, one that’s not visible from the other side of the counter. Next time you’re at McDonald’s, remember, not everything that glitters under the golden arches is gold!

Emma Bates
Emma Bates
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