Olive Garden Menu Items You Might Regret Ordering

Everyone loves a good Italian meal, and Olive Garden has been a go-to for many seeking that comforting bowl of pasta or a plate of perfectly sautéed chicken. However, not every dish at this beloved chain lives up to expectations. With prices creeping upwards and the quality of some dishes questionable, it’s worth taking a closer look at which menu items might not be worth your hard-earned cash. Here’s a savory dive into the Olive Garden menu, spotlighting dishes that you might want to skip.

1. Rigatoni with Chicken

Starting off our list is the rigatoni stuffed with chicken, a dish that’s been mentioned for its lack of flair. While rigatoni can be a hearty base for a pasta dish, reviewers have found this particular combination to be underwhelming, especially when considering the price point. Olive Garden’s reputation for generous portions and bold flavors falls short here, leaving diners questioning the value of their meal.

The issue isn’t just with the dish’s execution but also with its price. Lunch entrees hovering over $10 and dinners priced even higher have left guests feeling the pinch. For a dish that doesn’t deliver an extraordinary taste or a memorable dining experience, it’s hard to justify the expense, especially when local Italian eateries might offer something more authentic and satisfying for a similar or slightly higher price.

Moreover, while the service at Olive Garden is generally praised, it can’t always make up for the disappointment of a lackluster dish. This rigatoni with chicken falls into that category, where even excellent service and a pleasant atmosphere can’t elevate the meal into something worth writing home about.

2. Chicken Scampi

Another dish that receives mixed reviews is the chicken scampi. While some diners enjoy this dish, others find it to be a letdown, especially when compared to the enticing pictures on the menu. The disparity between expectation and reality is a common grievance among Olive Garden guests, with the chicken scampi frequently cited as a prime example. The dish, intended to be a flavorful blend of chicken, peppers, and pasta in a light sauce, often falls short in both taste and presentation.

The value proposition of the chicken scampi also comes into question. When diners are paying a premium for a dining experience, they expect each dish to be both visually appealing and delicious. Unfortunately, this Olive Garden staple sometimes misses the mark, leaving guests feeling they could have invested their dining dollars more wisely elsewhere.

Despite its popularity, the inconsistency of the chicken scampi’s execution makes it a risky order. If you’re looking for a guaranteed hit, it might be best to explore other options on the menu that have a more consistent track record of satisfying hungry patrons.

3. Fettuccine Alfredo

The Fettuccine Alfredo at Olive Garden is a beloved classic, but it’s also a dish that has come under scrutiny. Known for its rich, creamy sauce and tender pasta, it seems like a foolproof choice. However, some diners find the execution can be hit or miss. On a bad day, the sauce may be too thick or lack the nuanced flavors expected from a dish so simple yet so iconic.

This inconsistency can be particularly frustrating given the dish’s popularity and its status as a go-to comfort food for many. When you’re craving that creamy pasta perfection, it’s disappointing to receive a version that doesn’t live up to those cravings. Considering the competitive price of pasta dishes at local Italian restaurants, the Fettuccine Alfredo at Olive Garden becomes a less appealing option if it doesn’t consistently deliver.

Moreover, while the allure of unlimited breadsticks and salad might tempt you to stick with Olive Garden for your Alfredo fix, it’s worth exploring other items on the menu or even other restaurants for a more reliable and satisfying pasta experience.

4. The Never Ending Pasta Bowl

The Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion is a much-anticipated event for Olive Garden enthusiasts, offering endless servings of pasta for a fixed price. While it sounds like a pasta lover’s dream, the reality can sometimes be less appetizing. The quality of the pasta served during these promotions can vary greatly, with some patrons reporting overcooked noodles and lackluster sauces that don’t match up to the regular menu offerings.

This variance in quality can lead to a disappointing dining experience, especially for those who come in with high expectations of indulging in their favorite pasta dishes. The appeal of getting unlimited servings loses its luster when the servings you receive are not up to par with what you know and love from Olive Garden’s standard menu.

Given the mixed reviews, it’s wise to approach the Never Ending Pasta Bowl with cautious optimism. It might be a fun novelty to try once, but if you’re looking for the best that Olive Garden has to offer, sticking to the regular menu might be a more satisfying choice.

5. Drinks

Beverages can often be an overlooked aspect of the dining experience, but at Olive Garden, the cost of drinks has been a point of contention. A simple Smirnoff and club soda, for example, comes with a hefty $7 price tag, raising eyebrows among guests accustomed to more reasonable pricing for alcoholic beverages.

This high cost for drinks can significantly inflate the overall bill, especially for diners who enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail with their meal. While Olive Garden’s wine list is designed to complement their dishes, the mark-up on beverages can make diners think twice about ordering that second glass.

If you’re dining at Olive Garden, it might be worth focusing on the food and skipping the overpriced drinks. Alternatively, seeking out happy hour specials or promotions might offer a more wallet-friendly way to enjoy a beverage with your meal.

6. Desserts

Olive Garden’s dessert menu, featuring items like tiramisu and chocolate mousse cake, is tempting to anyone with a sweet tooth. However, some guests find the desserts to be somewhat generic and not worth the premium price. While these sweet finishes to a meal are decent, they don’t always stand out as memorable or unique compared to what you might find at a specialty bakery or a local Italian restaurant.

The size of the desserts, in relation to their cost, is another aspect that diners have critiqued. For those looking for value, the dessert offerings at Olive Garden might not provide the satisfaction or quality expected from an indulgent end to a meal.

Considering the overall dining experience, it may be more rewarding to skip dessert at Olive Garden and instead treat yourself to a specialty sweet from a local bakery where the focus is on high-quality, memorable desserts.

7. Tour of Italy

Last on our list is the Tour of Italy, a sampler platter that promises a taste of Olive Garden’s best. While the idea of enjoying multiple signature dishes in one meal is appealing, some diners find the execution lacking. The dish often consists of smaller portions of lasagna, chicken Parmigiana, and Fettuccine Alfredo, but these mini servings can sometimes seem overcooked or not as fresh as their full-sized counterparts.

For those looking for variety, the Tour of Italy provides an opportunity to sample different flavors. However, the quality of each component can vary, potentially leaving diners feeling like they’ve missed out on the best version of each dish.

When ordering the Tour of Italy, it’s important to manage expectations and consider whether the convenience of sampling multiple dishes outweighs the potential compromise in quality. In some cases, choosing a single dish that Olive Garden does well might be a more satisfying approach.

In conclusion, while Olive Garden offers a wide variety of dishes to satisfy your Italian cravings, not every menu item is a hit. By being selective and considering the experiences of other diners, you can navigate the menu to find dishes that are truly worth it, ensuring a dining experience that’s both enjoyable and satisfying. And remember, when in doubt, those unlimited breadsticks are always a safe bet.

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Emma Bates
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